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Emmanuel Anastacio Reyes (b. 1960), who signs his artworks as Manny Reyes, is a self-taught painter.  He has an M.A. in Film from Ohio University (1983) and an A.B. - B.S.C. degree from De La Salle University in Manila.  He was an Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Communication Arts Department of De La Salle University from 1983-1989.


He wrote, produced and directed the 45 minute video documentary, Vic Silayan: An Actor Remembers, in 1985 and the 52 minute, 16mm film, Dreaming Filipinos, in 1990. Dreaming Filipinos won the Grand Prize at the ASEAN Young Cinema Competition in Tokyo, Japan in 1992. Here’s the YouTube link to the 2 films: 

Dreaming Filipinos (1990)
Vic Silayan:  An Actor Remembers (1985)

As a photographer, he documented the last winter of the Berlin Wall in 1988. These pictures were exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Goethe-Institut Manila in 1989. His Kodachrome homage to Alfred Hitchcock's San Francisco as dramatized in his 1959 film, "Vertigo," was exhibited at the Scapular Gallery Nomad and had its overseas presentation in Bordeaux, France in 1998.  Here’s the link to his Flickr photography portfolio:

Brandenburg Gate, West Berlin 1988

Castro Street Halloween, San Francisco 1994

He has written numerous articles about Philippine cinema and is the author of two film books: Notes on Philippine Cinema (1989) and Malikhaing Pelikula (Creative Filmmaking, 1997).  He lives and works in the city of Makati in the Philippines.

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