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If you are interested in exhibiting these works in your gallery or if you wish to purchase any of the paintings and drawings, please make a generous offer in U.S. dollars if you are from overseas or in Philippine pesos if you are a local resident.  The drawings take several weeks to finish while some paintings took a couple of years to finish so bid generously. Tell me the name of the work you are interested in and I will try to reply to all inquiries at the soonest.

It is equally important for me to know who my buyer is so please tell me something about yourself and why are you interested to acquire my work.  If you have a website or a Facebook page, please send me a link.


The caveat:  Due to the contentious nature of the artworks, I will not ship them to any address.  If we agree on a price, you will have to personally pick up the artwork from my studio in the city of Makati in the Philippines.

Thanks! Message sent.

If you have a feedback or a general inquiry, let me know about it.

Thanks! Message sent.

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